Serengeti, Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro ... names that conjur up awesome visions and desires for adventure.

Welcome to this different world

Imagine an ageless land, exotic and picturesque, abounding with birds and wildlife. Majestic views of mountains and plains. Gracing these magnificent landscapes are the soul of this country – its people. Spectacular sights and intriguing encounters with unique cultures. Charming village scenes and bustling markets. Fascinating flora and fauna. It’s the adventure of a lifetime – an awe-inspiring, memory-making experience.

Discover Tanzania, Africa, the way it was meant to be seen… in a personalized tour designed around your interests and hosted by Serengeti Select Safaris Ltd.

Serengeti Select Safaris Ltd., established in 1984 and a member of TATO – Tanzania Association of Tour Operators, is owned and operated by Steve, Nathan, and Jonathan Simonson, American brothers who have lived in East Africa all their lives.